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The Armenian Diaspora, which includes 75-80% of the nation’s souls and about 98%(Considering the size and GDP per community) of its economic power, is scattered throughout the world, with Armenians adapted to different cultures and languages of their respective host countries. While the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh are states and as such organized, ruled by governments constituted by ministries, each with its own structure and funding, the Diaspora is governed, if we may call it as such, by local organizations, disparate by nature, which for some have national and international affiliations.

The multitude of political, cultural, religious and philanthropic organizations which “govern” the Diaspora, some partisan and often competing with one another, operate in most cases with no proper or sustainable funding.


DiasporArm will bridge the gap.


  1. Identify and mobilize the significant available inactive resources of the Diaspora, create bridges and interactions among different Diaspora communities as well as with the Homeland, revealing the existence and importance of each community, even the tiny ones,
  2. Create wealth by using networks, by linking individuals and enterprises,
  3. Give the Diaspora a coordinated direction, create synergy among the active forces within the Diaspora to optimize results,
  4. Contribute to the economic development of Armenians in the Diaspora and the Homeland,
  5. Undertake communication, education and inspiration, to make our heritage and Homeland a subject of pride,
  6. Defend the Armenian interests around the world,
  7. Promote and support the advancement of cultural growth,
  8. Address social issues of concern, such as homes for the elderly, social welfare, facilitation of repatriation,
  9. Contribute to the security of Armenia and Artsakh.


DiasporArm will have an individual membership base with emphasis on recruiting of those who are inactive in current structures. It will be funded by its members, who will democratically elect its board of directors, and have transparency by publishing its financial reports.


DiasporArm will cooperate with global and local organizations having similar objectives.

Meet The Team

Hovel Chenorhokian

Founder, advisor

Entrepreneur, Writer, Activist

Paris, France

Hovel Chenorhokian

Founder, advisor

Entrepreneur, Writer, Activist

Paris, France

Sebouh Baghdoyan


Retired United Nations Programme Officer

Vienna, Austria

Tigran Yegavian


Journalist, Writer, Political analyst

Paris, France

Andrés Yacoubian

Spanish Correspondent

Journalist, Radio and TV show Producer, Community Manager

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emilia Egiazaryan

Russian Correspondent




Agnes Chahabian

French Correspondent

Administration Supervisor

Paris, France

Hagop Abrilian

Arabic Correspondent

Journalist, Political analyst

Paris, France

Ani Hovhannisyan

Project Coordinator
Master of Business Administration

Echmiatsin, Armenia

Anahit Torosyan

Project Coordinator

Spanish Translator

Yerevan, Armenia

Kevork Yacoubian


BA in Political science

Beirut, Lebanon

Garen Kazezian


Master in Political science

Beirut, Lebanon

Aram Kamalian

Russian and French Translator

Master's degree in European Law

Paris, France

Nareh Kusbekian


BA in Graphic Design, Lead Designer

Beirut, Lebanon

Gacia Kroghlian

Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics

Social Media Coordinator

Beirut, Lebanon