Kamakian Aline

Country: Escribo tu nombre, Líbano

Practiced languages: En, Ar, WA

Field of Influence: Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Insurance broker, and Philanthropist


Aline Kamakian is a Lebanese-Armenian entrepreneur, restaurateur, insurance broker, and philanthropist, born in Beirut, Lebanon. Her journey began as an insurance broker at the age of 18, a step she took to fund her college education. She went on to earn Master’s degrees in Marketing and Finance.

In 1998, Kamakian founded the distinguished brokerage firm Insurance & Investment Consultants, which stands as one of Lebanon’s leading brokerage companies. Driven by her passion for both food and her Armenian culinary heritage, she realized her father’s dream by establishing the first Armenian restaurant in Lebanon, Mayrig, in 2003, which became an international chain over time. A decade later, she brought to life the Levantine bistro, Batchig.

The success of her restaurant franchises in various Arab countries was accompanied by her commitment to her homeland. In the face of crises in Lebanon, she partnered with AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) to provide aid. Together, they prepared and distributed hot meals to those affected by the dual challenges of Covid-19 and the devastating Beirut Port explosion.