Armenia marks the 103rd anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia founded in 1918

Armenia marks the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the First Republic of Armenia in 1918.

Celebrations are not planned for this year’s Republic Day, but the leadership of the country will visit the Sardarapat Memorial to honor the memory of the fallen heroes who gave their lives for independence and freedom.

On May 28, 1918 the Armenian people restored their independence – which was lost over 9 centuries earlier – with the triumphant victories in the fierce battles of Karakilisa, Bash Abaran and Sardarapat.

The Battle of Sardarapat shaped the destiny of Armenia. The whole nation, who survived the genocide, joined forces and entire families, including women, children and elderly, were fighting alongside soldiers.

With this victory, Armenian troops were able to stop the Turkish invasion to Transcaucasia and save Armenia from total destruction.

The First Republic of Armenia lasted only two years: in December 1920 the Red Army entered Yerevan and the country was sovietized.


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