Monitoring Illegal Logging in Armenia Via Sensors: Environment Ministry Dragging Its Feet

To monitor illegal logging in Armenia, the Hi-Tech Gateway company’s Vanadzor branch, has developed sensors that capture the sound of trees being felled. The sensors, aptly named Forest Guard, are placed on trees and can record the sound of saws being used. The devices can also detect forest fires. Sveta Jaghatspanyan, founder and head of the Vanadzor branch of Hi-Tech Gateway, coordinated the process of creating the device. She says that the Hi-Tech Gateway sensors are a major improvement over similar devices being used throughout the world because they expand the monitoring radius from eighty to 200 meters. All signals recorded by the sensors are then sent to a central office for further action. One sensor, with a battery life of six years, costs $80. To read the full story, check out the link below to the article in Hetq.


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