Planting Hope in Rural Armenia

ATP Creates Job Opportunities for Local Villagers in Aznvadzor. With many villagers unable to travel abroad for work due to the pandemic and socio-economic issues brought on by the recent war, the temporary work opportunities created by ATP are critical in creating economic opportunity in rural Armenia. Most recently, the Aznvadzor community in the Lori region became the focal point of ATP’s job stimulation. The village is located on the southern slopes of Bazum ridge, 4km from the city of Vanadzor. It occupies an area of 14.56 sq. km and has a population of about 300. Spring planting in Aznvadzor began on Monday, April 19th, and lasted for two weeks. Over 85,000 trees were planted across one acre. Tree types include pine, wild apple, oak, and beech. A fence was also installed to help protect the newly planted trees. The long-term impact is that the planted forest will contribute to biodiversity, soil and water conservation, and carbon sequestration. Most significantly, 60 villagers were hired to assist in the plantings. To read the full story, check out the article of Asbarez.


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