PM Pashinyan and President Sarkissian Issue Respective Messages on Victory Day

On May 9 the Armenian people celebrate a triple holiday – the victory of the Great Patriotic War, the Liberation of Shushi and the anniversary of the Artsakh Defense Army’s establishment. PM Pashinyan and President Sarkissian have issued their respective messages to mark the day. Both congratulated on the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Around 500000 Armenians served in the Soviet army of which 300000 perished in the Great Patriotic War․ It is notable that 107 Armenians were awarded the highest title of the Hero of the USSR as per their individual merits. Yet Shushi is not with us today. PM Pashinyan stated “we mourn its captivity, but realize that we must celebrate the Shushi Liberation Day. It is one of the glorious chapters in Armenia’s modern history. It has been of great importance for our people. Liberated Shushi was a bulwark to ensure the security of Artsakh… We remember all those who gave their lives for the liberation of Shushi the ancient Armenian city… We must keep their memory alive and we must build on their noble cause. We will betray them if we fail to strengthen and develop our homeland. We will betray their memory if we fail to build a strong state to ensure the revival of Artsakh”. To read both the PM’s and President’s messages, check out the links below to the respective articles on Armenpress.


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