Artsakh vis-à-vis the Diaspora


Some Armenians are critical that many in the Armenian Diaspora did not volunteer and come to the defense of Artsakh. While the Armenian Diaspora is not a failure. It is the Armenian Diaspora that is keeping Armenia alive through its various charitable organizations and political activity in their adopted countries to increase financial and military aid to Armenia. Hopefully, one day the occupied lands will be reclaimed by Armenia. If that happens, it will be with the help of Armenians in the diaspora and the political influence they can exert with their adopted countries. In the Artsakh conflict, the western Christian countries could have given Armenia some military support but failed to do so. The Trump administration left Armenia to fend for itself. Let us not be too critical of each other’s views regarding the Artsakh conflict. We must remain united as Armenians whether we reside in Armenia or the diaspora. Unity will be our salvation.


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