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Pierre Hajjar

Company: BelPearl

Established: 1933

Country: Hong Kong – Global

Field: Jewelry

Product: Pearls

Activity:  Manufacturing/Wholesales

Branches: Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Belgium, Canada, and the USA



BelPearl, founded in 1933 in Syria, has become a distinguished player in the global pearl market, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality. With the motto “quality over quantity,” the company produces exceptional pearls meticulously fine-tuned to perfection.

Throughout its journey, BelPearl has left a significant imprint in the industry. Expanding their presence, in 1962, BelPearl opened an office in KOBE, Japan, solidifying their Asian market presence. Notably, in 1972, they broke into the Chinese state monopole, establishing an office in Guangzhou, China. In 1990, a large-scale factory with 150 skilled professionals was proudly inaugurated.

BelPearl thrives as a multifaceted organization with three core branches:

BelPearl Farming: Breeding and cultivation of oysters in controlled environments, owning farms in Miamar and Indonesia, staffed by a dedicated team of 200 farm workers, with plans to expand to 300 employees by 2024.

BelPearl Auction: Recognized as the world’s leading Pearl Auctioneer, BelPearl serves as the representative for esteemed pearl producers across the Pacific. The company organizes approximately 50 auctions annually, generating sales amounting to 70 million USD.

BelPearl Jewelry Branding and Distribution: Operating globally with offices in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, Canada, and the USA, providing customers with exquisite selection of premium of pearl jewelry.

BelPearl’s success is attributed not only to its exceptional products but also to its unwavering commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a rich heritage and an eye on the future, BelPearl remains dedicated to shaping the pearl industry’s landscape for generations to come.