Armenia to Cut Military Conscription Term, Seeks Volunteer Service Growth


The Armenian government plans to significantly change the conscription service structure and gradually shift the military to a “professional”, i.e. voluntary one.Under its 2021-2026 action plan, the Armenian government intends to cut the conscription term at the expense of growth in contractual (voluntary) service as part of development and perfection of military service.The reforms include a revision of the Armenian national security strategy, the development of a new military doctrine and a state protection plan, and the perfection of the tools and procedures of preparing the state for defense.With the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of management and command, a single automated command system will be introduced to ensure advanced and swift decision-making in line with modern military science.Highly-mobile military formations and units equipped with high firepower and capable of engaging in combat for extended period of time autonomously will be formed.Highlighting the increasing social protection for servicemembers and their families, the government will increase the material and social protection guarantees.Check out the full report on Armenpress.


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