Armenian Fest back in Springfield


Thousands of people gathered to welcome back the Armenian Fest Sunday at St. Mark Armenian Church in Springfield, Massachusetts.The atmosphere was lovely, with people dancing to timeless folk music. Visitors weren’t only of Armenian descent, and you didn’t have to be to enjoy the food, the baklava and the pastries. In fact, the church festival depends on the support of the people in the neighborhood.“It’s absolutely wonderful. Last year we had a drive through and we were overwhelmed with the support the community gave us and this year we could have everyone on the grounds enjoying the atmosphere,” Talene Jermakian, the Armenian Festival organizer said.The Armenian Fest continues as it has done through the years and for 25 years, parishioners and neighbors have patiently waited in line for the delicacies to enjoy good company and traditional music and when the spirits move them to dance in keeping with traditions that go back centuries.


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