Food in Armenia: 30 Traditional Dishes to Look Out For

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Will Fly for Food, a famous travel blog for the gastronomically inclined, has prepared an eye-catchy report on the Armenian cuisine, presenting a list of 30 traditional Armenian dishes.The article mentions that Armenian food traditions were formed over thousands of years in the Armenian Highlands, a fertile region well-suited to growing wheat, lentils, apricots, figs, and pomegranate and that waves of immigration have altered the face of Armenian cuisine to the point that Armenian dishes consumed in the Caucasus are often vastly different from the Armenian foods familiar to the diaspora. The perfect example is choreg, an Armenian Easter bread made with ground sour cherry seeds. It’s one of the most beloved dishes in the diaspora but virtually unknown in Armenia.Fresh and dry herbs are used extensively in Armenian cuisine. Wheat is the primary grain and exists in many forms like bulgur, whole wheat, semolina, and shelled wheat.The authors have nicely presented Dolma, Manti, Khash, Eech, Khashlama, Basturma, Kololik, Lavash, Gata, etc., calling Armenian food complicated but fascinating and ever-evolving cuisine.


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