FUTURE ARMENIAN Movement Gathers More Than 10,000 Signatures


The FUTURE ARMENIAN is a public initiative that aims to promote a dialogue that eventually leads to a common understanding around the sustainable development of Armenia and Armenians as a nation. They plan to do this by defining important objectives that could be able to help improve Armenia in the future and these improvements will be pursued by remaining realistic on the current situation of the country and also by being realistic on what are Armenia’s strengths as a nation. They have so far garnered more than 10,000 signatures from all over the world, although the vast majority of the signatures have come from Armenia – 57%, but 17% has been from Russia and 10% has been from the US. The next goal of the initiative is to reach 30,000 signatures, with the ultimate goal being set at 100,000 signatures. The initiative wants to encourage discussions and open debate to help Armenia and Armenians unite. “I think Armenia should take advantage of the Diaspora. We have to rethink our role as citizens, as individuals, as part of a network which Armenia already is, Armenians already are, and develop that new social contract on the back of a historical strength that we have and the willingness for Diasporans to engage and support Armenia” said Richard Azarnia, FUTURE ARMENIAN Co-Initiator. The signatures are gathered at www.futurearmenian.com.



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