GM Aronian leaves for America


Chess GrandMaster Levon Aronian will leave for America and will begin representing the USA from now on.
Before leaving, the GM met with students at his and GM Gabriel Sargissian’s chess school. One of the students asked Aronian if he ever wanted to play under another flag than the Armenian, Aronian answered with “I never wanted to play under another flag. There is no sweeter flag for me than our flag. Unfortunately, it will happen; but I cannot say that it happens by my wish”
Aronian has been quite vocal at his dismay with Armenian officials and their indifference to chess over the past couple of years, but he did mention to the students that while he is leaving Armenia, this was not a goodbye. He also commented on his representation of Armenia at the Chess World Cup saying, “I still do not know whether I will represent Armenia at the [Chess] World Cup or not; but probably not. I am sad about that fact”


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