Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Malatya to host first liturgy in decades


The Holy Trinity Church will be opened to worship for the first time since 1915 in the eastern province of Malatya. From now on, the building will serve as both a church and a cultural center. The church is located in the neighborhood where renowned Armenian journalist Hrant Dink had grown up. Sahak Maşalyan, the Armenian Patriarch in Turkey and Ğriğoriyos Melki Ürek, the Metropolitan Bishop of Adıyaman and Surrounding Provinces and the Deputy Patriarch, as well as the mayor and governor of Malatya, attended the opening ceremony. “The opening of the Holy Trinity Church is a milestone for this region. For the Armenians of Malatya, this opening is a day of the feast” said the patriarch. The first Sunday service at the church was held today, 29 August 2021.



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