New Website Presents Azerbaijan’s War Crimes During and After 2020 Artsakh War


The Public Relations and Information Center of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia has launched a new website called “War Crimes of Azerbaijan.”The website presents factual data on war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, the destruction of Armenian cultural monuments in Artsakh during the aggression against Artsakh unleashed in fall 2020 and after the end of hostilities.The website in three languages (Armenian, Russian and English) consists of the following main sections: War crimes
• Prisoners of war
• Cultural genocide
• Hate speech
• Mercenaries (involvement of Syrian terrorists in the war and Turkey’s role)
• Reports (international and local) The information presented on the website is disseminated in English and Russian on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.Materials are still under development, the website will be updated regularly.To read the full story, check out the link below to the article on the Public Radio of Armenia.


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