One should not wait for savior – Ruben Vardanyan calls for shaping future together


Co-founder of ‘Aurora” Humanitarian Initiative, businessman Ruben Vardanyan noted during the event ”Future Armenian”  that one should not wait for a saviour or a political party that will be able to change something in Armenia, but everyone should shape the future of Armenia by changing their mentality. ”It’s necessary to understand that a lot of things should be carried out not only by the state mandate, but a change of mentality of each of us is necessary. I have always said that there can be no saviorur in Armenia and that model cannot work, because the number of the problems, the difference between those problems are so great that no party can be a saviorur. The only option is that we all become masters of our future. These are not just words, this is the way I and my friends think. We must all build our future together, we must put this non-political method into operation,”” Vardanyan stressed.n”


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