Trying to Find Her Birth Mother and Roots.


In a quest to find her roots, Charlotte Alvborg went on a journey. She was born in Lebanon but was adopted by a European couple and taken to Sweden. She had always thought about looking for her mother, but was scared over what impact it could have on her mother’s life. Maybe her mother wanted to keep it a secret? Maybe she was married and her family didn’t know she had a baby before? Her adoptive parents were told by the couple who administered the adoption that Charlotte was fully Lebanese, that her birth mother was of Christian faith, healthy and 21 years old at the time of her birth.She eventually decided to look for her mother, after constant encouragement from her friend. What she discovered in her journey is a testament to how small the Armenian world is. DNA test results surprisingly matched names that ended with -ian or -yan.At long last, she was able to find her family and connected with her mother’s son, her brother, on Facebook. Charlotte received a message from him saying “Hello sister!” and then she knew that from that point her life would never be the same again.Check the full story on


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