In the next 12-18 months Turkey will try to beef up its influence in the region, a prominent Armenian expert in Turkic affairs Ruben Safrastyan said on Monday when speaking at a discussion organized by the Lazarev Club, a panel of Armenian and Russian political analysts, in Yerevan.According to Safrastyan, Ankara switched to this policy several years ago in order to achieve a dominant position across the region, and the main provision of Turkey’s doctrine is the use of the armed forces.He said in 2016, Turkey began to beef up the military component of this axis, which involves also Azerbaijan, and in 2020 it began supplying modern weaponry to Azerbaijan to help it prepare for attacking Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).Safrastyan said a very important frontier for Turkey’s policy in the region, will be the year 2023, when the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic will be celebrated as Erdogan is set to announce the creation of New Turkey (Yeni Turkiye) by that time.To read the full story, check out the article in Yerepouni.