Yacoubian Paula

Country: Lebanon

Practiced languages: En, Ar

Field of Influence: Journalist, Television host, Philanthropist, Lawmaker, and Political activist

Positions held: CEO and Managing Director of Integrated Communications


Paula Yacoubian is a prominent Lebanese-Armenian journalist, television host, philanthropist, lawmaker, and political activist, born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1976. Beginning her journalistic journey at the age of 17, she earned a degree in Political and Administrative Sciences. Her career led her to host political talk-shows and conduct interviews with global leaders.

As the CEO and Managing Director of Integrated Communications, a media relations company, Yacoubian launched the DAFA campaign in 2013, aimed at supporting underprivileged families in Lebanon. In 2018, she achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first Lebanese Armenian woman to secure a seat in the Lebanese Parliament.

Her unwavering advocacy for women’s rights and dedication to women’s empowerment garnered recognition from the World Bank Group. She was selected as an expert for the External Advisory Panel for Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, in 2017, King Philippe I of Belgium honored her with the Officer of the Order of the Crown award for her exceptional contributions to social work.






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