Armenia Adopts Universal Inclusive Education in Preschools

Education authorities say 2021 will see “significant work” in the direction of introducing universal inclusive education system in Armenian preschools. The transition will be phased, according to the deputy education minister Zhanna Andreasyan. The training of preschool employees, development of modules and relevant toolbox, as well as awareness campaigns will take place this year, and starting from 2022 the universal inclusive principle will be launched in the provinces of Syunik, Lori, Tavush and in Yerevan. The other remaining provinces will shift to the new system in 2023. Since the law envisages funding increase for including children with special needs to preschools, the education authorities have also developed and introduced a new funding procedure, which is already submitted to the prime minister’s office as well. Andreasyan reiterated that the government’s policy in this sector is to raise and enhance the quality of preschools. She mentioned the recent Cabinet decision which authorized the construction of 10 modular kindergartens with modern infrastructures in full compliance with needs of children and that the 21 preschools which were opened across Armenia in 2020 are all equipped to meet the needs of children with special needs. To read the full story, check out the article on Armenpress.


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