Armenia ranks in the top of nations at the Tokyo olympics in terms of medals won per capita and per athlete.


Armenia ranks 18th according to population ratio among all the countries that won medals at the Tokyo olympics. According to the calculation of total medals, Armenia is 69th. The difference between the two ranks showcases the determination that Armenians have, as despite having a relatively small population, Armenia still produces great Olympians. With the Tokyo Olympics now in the past, it is safe to say all Armenians should be extremely proud of our Olympians, and we are all grateful to all Armenian athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics especially because of the circumstances they were in.
Our Olympic athletes are: Levon Aghasyan, Athletics
Artur Aleksanyan, Wrestling
Karen Aslanyan, Wrestling
Hovhannes Bachkov, Boxing
Artur Barseghyan, Swimming
Karapet Chalyan, Wrestling
Arman Darchinyan, Boxing
Artur Davtyan, Artistic Gymnastics
Arsen Harutyunyan, Wrestling
Ferdinand Karapetian, Judo
Elmira Karapetyan, Shooting
Varsenik Manucharyan, Swimming
Simon Martirosyan, Weightlifting
Armen Melikyan, Wrestling
Koryun Soghomonyan, Boxing
Vazgen Tevanyan, Wrestling
Izabella Yaylyan, Weightlifting


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