Armenia Wants To Build New Internet Cable Under The Sea


Armenia intends to build a new internet cable under the sea through Georgia stated Minister of High-Tech Industry Vahagn Khachaturyan.

The decision seeks to ensure the country’s information security, after the controlling stake (51%) of Caucasus Online, which services the cable from Bulgaria to Georgia, was sold to the Azerbaijani company Nexol Holding.

“During the war, we had certain problems. We are aware of this, and have already expressed interest in laying a new cable along the bottom of the Black Sea to Georgia and Armenia,” the minister informed.

The new cable will have nothing to do with Azerbaijan. The line will be serviced by an independent operator, including possibly an Armenian company. Khachaturyan highlighted the role of Georgia in the project stating that “No negotiations [with Georgia] are underway at the moment, but we can start them, and manage [the line] together.”

As for the financial side of the project, the minister explained that the government could implement the project using budget funds for the sake of ensuring data security throughout the country.

In addition,the authorities could also seek help from the EU, to get allocated €2.6 billion over the next five years.

Read the full article on Panorama.


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