Armenian community of Calcutta


A new book by Alakananda Nag, which is a decade-long project shows how the Armenian community’s history is intrinsically entwined with that of the city.“Are the Armenians the founders of Calcutta?” questions the author. The first Christian grave of the city is that of an Armenian, “Reezabeebeh, wife of the Late charitable Sookias”, circa 1630. That was 60 years before Job Charnock, the British administrator traditionally regarded as the city’s founder, docked on these shores.Some would consider them stepping stones for the British – wealthy Armenian merchants, who knew the lay of the land, knew the language, showed the way and helped the British establish their rule.The Armenians are a typically diasporic community. They also have a legacy of shining and thriving wherever they go. And shine they did in Calcutta. From trading to architecture to hotels, collieries, publishing…they were here to stay.
Why did they leave?To read the full story, check out the article of


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