Azerbaijani Incursion Not Covered By CSTO Charter, Says Military Alliance Head

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The incursions by Azerbaijani troops several kilometers deep into the Armenian regions of Syunik and Gegharkunik in May do not fall under the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s charter on collective defense, said CSTO General Secretary Stanislav Zas on Saturday. The determination effectively means that the CSTO, of which Armenia is a founding member, would not intervene were similar incidents to occur in the future.“We must understand that the potential of the CSTO is activated only in the event of aggression or attack. Here we are dealing, in fact, with a border incident,” Zas said at a news conference in Moscow. “This is a border incident, and it must be resolved. And we are for resolving it peacefully,” he added.Speaking to journalists, Zas added that the CSTO is closely monitoring the situation along Armenia’s eastern border, even though “the decision to form a monitoring group was not taken.” Zas also confirmed that he is in close contact with both the Armenian Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry.To read the full story, check out the link below to the article in CivilNet.


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