Debet: Armenia’s First SMART Village

On July 31, the renovated and remodeled Debet Village Municipality (Lori region) opened, providing the Debet community with a brand new open working space, a conference room and a 21st-century library, Gradarak Debet.
The multifunctional, innovative library located on the second floor of the Debet Municipality is a product of cooperation between the Debet Municipality, Children of Armenia Fund and the “Gradarak Libraries” NGO. It is not only a library, it can also host seminars, workshops and a variety of different events. The library is open to people of all ages above 3 years old and is filled with a wide variety of equipment, including computers, a projector, a big screen, and more. Debet Municipality grants access to the library 7 days/week and covers part of the operational costs.


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