ECHR Grand Chamber to Examine Cases Filed by Armenia, Azerbaijan Against Each Other

The ECHR Grand Chamber has accepted for consideration the complaints of Armenia and Azerbaijan against each other on charges of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. It’s mentioned that the complaints are mainly about the recent military operations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and contain complaints about widespread violations of the Convention, including attacks against civilians, civilian and public property, mistreatment against soldiers and civilians, hostage-taking, and forceful eviction of citizens from territories affected by the military operations. Armenia submitted the complaint against Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020, while Azerbaijan did that on October 27, 2020. Following the November 9, 2020 trilateral declaration signed by Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan, Armenia returned all Azerbaijani war prisoners, including 2 charged for killing a minor, but Azerbaijan has failed to respect the agreement so far. There are also documented proofs about torturing Armenian POWs by the Azerbaijani side. 19 cases of killing Armenian POWs by Azerbaijan have been confirmed.


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