Family of Lebanese-Armenian Father on Trial In Azerbaijan are Campaigning For His Release

Vicken Euljekjian is facing terrorism-related charges, Azerbaijan claims that Vicken was offered $2,500 to fight in the recent war, but his family insist no such thing happened, and are clamouring for his release. His daughter, Christine, 18, told The961 that while her father did volunteer to fight for his country, he never took part in it. After the Beirut Port explosion, Vicken was one of many Lebanese-Armenians who were promised a home in Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh by the Armenian government. Vicken was in a hotel in Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh before the war, and stayed in Yerevan during it with his fiancee and fellow Lebanese-Armenian Maral Najarian and her sister Ani Najarian. After the ceasefire was signed, Vicken called the hotel to see if he and Maral could gather their belongings that they had left. Christine says there were no indications that said Armenians shouldn’t go into the area, however, they were stopped by Azeri soldiers who took their personal items and kept both Vicken and Maral hostage. While Maral was released after 4 months of captivity, Vicken’s fate remains unclear. His family continues to plead for his release.


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