Government Plan Proposes Special Status for Western Armenian


A government action plan, put forward by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and approved last month by Armenia’s legislature, proposes granting the Western Armenian language special status in Armenia.“The government plans to consider the legislative possibilities of giving a special status to the Western Armenian language in Armenia,” reads the plan, which lays out the Armenian government’s priorities through 2026.The plan also suggests “organizing educational and scientific events aimed at preserving the Western Armenian language, thanks to which the status of Western Armenian will be strengthened in higher education, general education, and additional educational programs.”As a largely diasporic language, Western Armenian faces distinctive challenges that Eastern Armenian does not. The UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger classifies Western Armenian as “definitely endangered.” UNESCO defines a “definitely endangered” language as one where “children no longer learn the language as the mother tongue in the home.”Aside from the possibility of granting Western Armenian special status in Armenia, the 2021-2026 government plan states that “the development of Armenia-diaspora cooperation will be aimed at preserving Armenian identity, the repatriation and integration of diaspora Armenians in Armenia, identifying and mapping the human potential of the diaspora, and rallying the human, intellectual, and economic potential of Armenians scattered across the world around the goal of the stable development of the motherland.”Read the full story on CivilNet.


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