If You Seek Peace, Prepare for War: Armenia’s Security Dilemma and the Need for a New Defense Doctrine

Armenia is facing a severe problem: it cannot satisfactorily protect itself. This collective failure in defense and security policy, unequivocally, is the byproduct of the three decades of underdevelopment, mismanagement, systemic corruption and depletion of resources. The recent border incursions by Azerbaijan are symptomatic of this precise decay in Armenia’s security architecture. While these incursions, from an analytical perspective, appear to be tactical moves designed by Baku to exert maximum pressure on the demarcation negotiations, this still does not detract from the security dilemma facing Armenia proper. What has been an open secret for decades can no longer be concealed: Armenia’s security architecture has been defined by negligence and attempts of freeloading on Russia. As negligence and incompetence became normalized, the false assumption was that Russia will provide the safety net for our own failures. A combination of willful ignorance and self-deception led us to believe that Russia will save us from ourselves, from our own ineptness and from our own dereliction of duty. We are now suffering the consequences.   The security infrastructure of the Armenian Republic requires a robust defense doctrine, a reconfiguration of the country’s security architecture, expansive military reforms, rearticulation of Armenia’s geopolitical and geostrategic realities, closing the gap in power disparity with regional actors and competent institutional structures. Recognizing the institutional, infrastructural and material limitations facing the Republic of Armenia, a set of broad ranging policies must be developed to alleviate, mitigate and begin the process of addressing the shortcomings in the Republic’s existing security and defense policies.  To read the full story, check out the article in EVN Report.



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