India-Armenia vs Pakistan-Azerbaijan: The Repercussions of the Indo-Pakistani Dispute on the Caucasian Conflict

Since the independence of Armenia (1991), relations between Armenia and India have developed in various fields (culture, high technologies, admitting medical students). In 2020, India won a defense contract worth 40 million USD for the delivery of speed cameras to Armenia, other deliveries are also announced. In 2021, defeated Armenia has no choice but to continue to “symmetrically” deepen its relations with India. The two countries regularly invoke the urgent need to strengthen their exchanges on the economic and military level. And India is not sparing its efforts in advancing an ambitious project of “north-south corridor,” through the territory of Armenia from the Iranian port of Chabahar to Eurasia and to Helsinki. If it comes true, which Armenia naturally calls for, the INSTC ( International North-South Transport Corridor ) would not be far from resuscitating the cartography of the Armenian circuits of the great international trade of the modern era. For this reason at least, there is no doubt that the pedestal of the statue of Gandhi installed at the intersection of Halabian and Markarian streets, will be quickly restored. To read the full story, check out the link below to the article in The Conversation.


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