Jonathan Lacôte: “2.5 million United And Determined People Can Work Miracles”


Outgoing French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacôte is wrapping up his diplomatic mission in the country. Before saying goodbye, Hetq spoke with Lacôte about the Artsakh issue, Armenian-French relations, and his experience in Armenia.Is there anything in Armenia that you will miss?Before leaving, I am becoming more and more convinced that I will not leave Armenia for good, that I will return as an individual.  I do not say goodbye to people but see you.Is there superpower competition in the Caucasus?Cooperation between Russia, the United States and France provides a great opportunity for the South Caucasus.The difficulties that exist in the relations between Russia and the West do not exist in the case of the Karabakh issue.What’s your parting wish for the Armenian people?First, I would like to wish that all Armenians be confident in their strength. 2.5 million united and determined people can work miracles. Everything should not be expected from the outside. At the same time, everything should not be expected from the government.You must rely on yourselves and preserve national unity. Armenia is going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its independence, I think we should pass the exam of those thirty years and try to draft an agenda for the next thirty.Read the full article on Hetq.


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