Kooyrigs Supports Post-War Armenia


Karine Eurdekian founded Kooyrigs, a project that stemmed from Eurdekian’s time as an ESL teacher for an Armenian Women’s Research Center. Kooyrigs formed a safe space on Instagram for anonymous conversations between Armenian women in the diaspora. By this, Eurdekian was able to develop a supportive network.
When the conflict began, Kooyrigs immediately offered their support. They had gathered over $175,000 in donations since their inception and started supporting Armenia through grassroots action, including $14,000 worth of medical supplies and crutches to the Women’s Support Centre in Yerevan, which headed to hospitals in Stepanakert and Goris.
Kooyrigs also initiated the Looys campaign, a program where team members deliver “food, water, medication, clothing, diapers, formula, sanitary products, and household essentials” to those most impacted by the war. The project Mayreeg, dedicated to providing care packages for pregnant mothers in Armenia is also run by Eurdekian.
Kooyrigs not only offers products but also finds doctors, helps coordinate birth plans and helps pregnant mothers through the birth process.
If you would like to support Kooyrigs yourself, you can go to https://kooyrigs.org/donate-to-kooyrigs.



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