Lebanon Forms New Government; One Armenian Gets Ministerial Post


Lebanese President Michel Aoun has approved the composition of a government of national salvation, ending a thirteen-month impasse as the country wrestles with one of the worst crises in its history.The cabinet includes twelve Christians and twelve Muslims in line with Lebanon’s sectarian politics. The Prime Minister is always Sunni Muslim, the President a Christian Maronite, and the Parliament Speaker a Shiite Muslim. There is only one woman among the ministers.George Boujikian, the only Armenian in the government, will hold the post of Minister of Industry. His candidacy was nominated by the ARF.Newly appointed Minister of Economy Amin Salam will be the main negotiator with the International Monetary Fund, and newly appointed Minister of Justice Henry Khoury will deal with judicial reforms.Protests and strikes have raged throughout Lebanon during the past two years. The political crisis escalated in late August last year, when Hassan Diab resigned as Prime Minister after an explosion ripped the port of Beirut. The next prime minister, Mustafa Adib, failed to form a government. As a result, the parliament asked former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return, who had resigned because of the 2019 protests.



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