Let’s Go, Let’s Play. Discover Gyumri with this game


Mary Anazonian and Alin Demirdjian are enthusiastic Armenians from Argentina who volunteered with Birthright in 2015 and 2012 respectively. A few years ago, they both decided to repatriate and stay to live in the city of Gyumri. They worked together on One Province, One Song project in Armenia and Artsakh, and now want to continue creating and developing new and unique projects in Armenia.

Let’s Go, Let’s Play (LGLP) is a game through which visitors can discover and explore the beautiful city of Gyumri. The main objective of the game is to allow the participants to have fun with their teammates (friends, family, coworkers) and to learn about the city through a unique perspective. The participants compete against other teams within a given period of time, walking around the city, while completing challenges to earn points. All challenges reflect the history, culture and the local lifestyle of Gyumri.

This project is a very fun, unique and entertaining way to get to know the city of Gyumri for locals and non-locals, and an excellent option to promote team building within companies. 



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