Musk Factor: Armenian Comedy Series Slated For Release In Summer 2022

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The shooting of the Musk Factor comedy series about the future is under way in Armenia.

What if business tycoon Elon Musk colonizes Mars? What awaits us in the not too distant future? What will the world be like in years to come? What will happen when digital cloning becomes commonplace?

The 10-part Armenian film Musk Factor tells the story of four guys, who achieve incredible success from a seemingly unrealistic idea, using the possibilities of artificial intelligence. They create human clones, developing virtual copies of a human in the digital space.

Using these technologies, the four friends set up a social network where users can interact with virtual people created by artificial intelligence. The events of the film take place from the moment when the father of one of the main characters flies to Mars to become one of the first inhabitants of that planet.

This feature series presents events taking place in 2028, and reflects on what the world will be like in that period through the eyes of the Musk Factor team. A variety of clichés and exaggerated social trends such as ‘political correctness’, free will, threats posed by artificial intelligence and opportunities, widespread use of cryptocurrency and the religion of the future are widely used in the series.

The project will be presented on the largest streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc.). Addressing issues of concern to everyone, Musk Factor targets people of different ages abroad with interests in the IT and film industries. It aims to provide a further flow for Armenian films to major streaming services, becoming a real pioneer in the field.

Check out the full story on the Public Radio of Armenia.


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