Occupied Avetaranots: Uncertain Future Awaits Hundreds of Cultural Monuments


Azerbaijani troops captured Avetaranots, a village in Artsakh’s Askeran region, on October 27, 2020.Avetaranots is one of the oldest and most famous settlements in Artsakh and served as a stronghold of feudal Armenian meliks. Historical references date to as early as the 17th century.Numerous monuments have been discovered around Avetaranots over the years. As of 2011, 53 monuments were registered by the Artsakh government. In 2019, monument expert Slava Sargsyan is said to have discovered another 83.Lernik Hovhannisyan, a senior lecturer at the Chair of History and Political Science of Artsakh State University, says the area is quite rich in historical and cultural monuments, some of which date to the first millennium B.C.The name Avetaranots derives from tale of Armenian King Vache II. It is said that he could no longer tolerate the religious persecution waged by Persian King Peroz and took a gospel book and retired to the area as a hermit. (The Armenian for gospel is “avetaran”)To read the full story, check out the link below to the article on Hetq.



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