On the Path to Integration: The First Armenian Mural in Burbank Unveils Armenian-American Identities


On July 19 the first-ever Armenian mural was unveiled on the physical walls of an Armenian business in Burbank, Nexus Auto Group. The mural which is right on the corner of Hollywood Way and Burbank Boulevard, represents Armenian symbols like the pomegranate, Mount Ararat, Artsakh, and the monument dedicated to the Genocide together with the signs and buildings of Los Angeles and Burbank, indicating the integration of two cultures and identities. The designer is Pauline Hacopian, a hair and makeup artist from Burbank, California.This art work was chosen through a public art project launched by Burbank For Armenia. The project invited local artists to submit their mural designs representing Armenian roots. Armenians make up only 16% of the population in Burbank. The mayor of Burbank, Bob Frutos stated “This mural is a strong example of the inclusivity and the fabric that is part of the Armenian people in the city of Burbank. I think this is so important to the elders who struggled to find their position, whether opening up their businesses or being happy housewives and taking care of their children, providing them with education. Now a lot of Armenian young people are successful doctors and lawyers,”



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