Park Of Life To Be Established In Yerevan Botanical Garden In Memory Of Victims Of The Artsakh Wars


In his speech at the main event at the Republic Sqaure marking the 30th Anniversary of Armenia’s independence, PM Pashinian stated that “The burden of the 44-day war in 2020 is hovering over this square […]

How to live after this tragedy, how to look into the eyes of the children, widows, fathers and mothers of the victims, how to make their sacrifice not be considered meaningless […]

To win means to overcome despair, to overcome hopelessness, to overcome the fate, to overcome death.

So where are our martyrs?

They fell so as Armenia can live, they fell so as Artsakh can live. And as long as Armenia lives, as long as Artsakh lives, they are alive. When the Republic of Armenia is developing, when Artsakh is developing, their sacrifices have achieved their goal, because it’s about the homeland of their children, their brothers and sisters.

And I want us to see the presence of our martyrs with us today, to see them as a symbol of life, and not of death, to make them symbol of victory over death, symbol of overcoming despair, overcoming hopelessness.

To do this we decided to establish the Park of Life in the Yerevan Botanical Garden, where trees symbolizing the aliveness and presence of all the victims of all the Artsakh wars will be planted, and the culmination of the park will be the Tree of Life, symbolizing the lives of all our martyrs sacrificed to the homeland.

And the living Armenia, living Artsakh, peaceful and developing Armenian statehood must become the victory they created.

To read the full speech, check out the article on Armenpress.


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