The Balyans, a prominent family of architects


A book by Buke Uras has been published to highlight the work done by the Balyan family during the Ottoman empire. The Balyans have been prominent architects for generations, including Krikor (1764-1831), his son Garabed (1800-1866) and grandsons Nigoğos (1826-1858), Sarkis (1831-1899) and Hagop (1838-1875). The Balyan architectural practice was formed by their personal histories, as well as the professional knowledge passed down through generations. The Balyans never wrote their thoughts down and in the absence of such texts the Balyan architecture was evaluated only in the light of their constructed buildings.The book aims to provide an insight into the history of Balyan practice with a detailed review of unconstructed projects from the Balyan Archive. In the Balyan Archive, several drawings were used, such as ones of Beylerbeyi, Çırağan and Fer’iye. The book includes 352 pages on special paper, containing 158 rare images. The hard cover is also specially designed to allow the readers the space to view important large images in detail.


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