Tokyo 2020 – Artur Aleksanyan Vows to Once Again Show Armenian Might to the World

The independent Republic of Armenia has so far only two Olympic Champions, both Greco-Roman wrestlers. The first to conquer the Olympic gold was Armen Nazaryan, who is now coaching the Bulgarian national wrestling team. The next to have won the Olympic championship was Artur Aleksanyan, the renowned Armenian athlete from Gyumri. Aleksanyan, an Olympic gold medalist (Rio 2016), a three-time World Champion and five-time European Champion is now once again preparing for the Olympics, the Tokyo 2020. To the statement “becoming an Olympic champion is difficult, but retaining the title is much more difficult” Aleksanyan commented “It’s difficult to become a champion of the Olympic Games, but keeping the title is also difficult. Anyhow, both are difficult. After the last Olympic Games until now there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t devote myself entirely for the goal of winning my second Olympic gold. As for the delay, Aleksanyan said it had impacted all athletes, and all are in the same conditions. He is approaching and preparing for the Olympics with the same goals and determination. To read the full interview, check out the article on Armenpress.


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