Tufenkian Gallery to Present ‘Serj Tankian: The Incandescent Pause’ Exhibit


Tufenkian Fine Arts will present “Serj Tankian: The Incandescent Pause,” an exhibition featuring selected works by the artist Serj Tankian. The exhibition will run from Friday, July 2 and will be on view through Friday, July 16. This will be the artist’s first show with the gallery.In recent years, Tankian has split his time between holding a microphone and a paintbrush, having feverishly created over sixty pieces of art since the beginning of 2013.The artworks in “The Incandescent Pause” present the viewer with a unique audible and visual experience, as each piece is accompanied by a musical score which remains as integral to Tankian’s artistic expression as the paint on the canvas. The forms in Tankian’s artworks thoroughly explore the space and convey complex relationships, much like the intricacies present in the artist’s musical compositions.To read the full story, check out the article in Asbarez.



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