Water Resources Expert Calls on Armenian Government to Address Mounting Water Shortage


Former Chairman of the Water Committee of Armenia Inessa Gabayan says Armenia must take immediate steps to modernize the country’s water management system.That the country faces mounting water issues is evidenced by the fact that farmers in the Ararat Valley, a prime agricultural area, have complained that they haven’t had water for the past tens days to irrigate their crops.Gabayan told Hetq that while global warming is part of the problem, the water shortage issue in Armenia, especially in Armavir Province, is mainly due to the ineffective management of the Akhuryan-Araks River basin.She said that increasing summer temperatures should have been a warning to the Armenian government to seriously study water resources management policies.Such a study, says Gabayan, would call for greater water storage, more efficient use of existing water resources, and minimization of water losses.To read the full story, check out the link below to the article on Hetq.



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