Who Wants the End of Democracy in Armenia?

The incursion of several kilometers by the Azerbaijan army into southern Armenia was done with perfect timing, while the eyes of the world are focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. France, the US, and Canada are protesting at governmental level, while Russia, even if in the agreement of military cooperation that binds it to Armenia (despite the fact that it exports weapons to Baku), is at first defiladed, but then intervenes quietly – after a few days – with the official intention of finding a mediation. Now, what is clearly emerging is that the new masters of Karabakh – Russia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey – after having ousted Europe and the USA from the table of diplomacy and peace, want to give a very precise direction to the Armenian elections of June 20. And they do so, as is Moscow’s habit, by playing dirty: discrediting, manu militari, a government – the Armenian one – that despite the many mistakes made during and after the war, remains the expression of a non-violent and democratic revolution that, just two years ago, had turned its back on a past dominated by oligarchs, corruption and violence. To read the full story, check out the article on Gariwo.



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