Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation in Partnership with Google Arts and Culture Presents On-Line Exhibit of Martiros Sarian


Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation has announced partnership with Google Arts and Culture with the opening of 3 new exhibitions alongside the digital launch of The Time Complex, Yerevan Biennial 2020/2021. The goal of the partnership is to promote Armenian historical and contemporary culture, creating something that Armenians around the world will be proud of and the international audiences will be curious about.Martiros Sarian is one of the most widely known Armenian painters, his works were regularly displayed at numerous major exhibitions in Russia. His paintings, characterized by their exceptionally bright and saturated colors, make Sarian one of the most interesting colorists of the early 20th century.While most of Sarian’s work focused on the Armenian landscape, he also designed the coat of arms for Armenian SSR and designed the curtain for the first Armenian state theatre.


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