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Apovyan Yelena
Project management

Country: Армения

Practiced languages: En, EA, Ru

Field of Influence:  Project management, Organizational leadership

Positions held: Founding CEO of Henar


Yelena Abovyan is the founding CEO of Henar (Health Network For Armenia), established in 2021, with a dedication to Contribute to transformation of healthcare ecosystem in Armenia.

Yelena  achieved an MA degree in international economics from Russian-Armenian State University in 2004 and earned a second MA degree in accounting and audit from the International Accountancy Training Center (IATC) Educational Fund in Armenia in 2005. Launching her career in 2004 at a local retail start-up, she played a pivotal role in its evolution into the prominent retail and distribution chain “STAR” in Armenia. In 2009, she moved to a newly established mobile operator affiliated with “Orange / France Telecom,” a global telecommunications corporation. During her tenure at “Orange,” she oversaw sales, customer service operations, and introduced innovative services.

In 2014, she led the products and services department, responsible for customer proposition, product portfolio, and marketing strategy. Joining the IDeA Foundation in 2016 as Chief Operations Officer, she skillfully manages project portfolios across their life cycles. Yelena’s leadership has elevated standards in Project Management Office operations and foundation-wide processes, reflecting her dedication to operational excellence.