Azerbaijani Hackers Breached Karabakh Telecom Servers During War


Azerbaijani hackers targeted the Artsakh telecommunication operator Karabakh Telecom during last year’s war and were able to infiltrate the company’s servers with relative ease.The Azerbaijani hackers published the telephone numbers of Karabakh Telecom customers on November 9, 2020, the day of the ceasefire.During the early days of the war, the hackers managed to disrupt the operating systems of Karabakh Telecom and to delete all the company’s backup data. “We have had a deplorable situation during the whole of last year. There are vital infrastructures, whose protection has been in a terrible state, both in Armenia and in Artsakh. What was possible was broken. Hacker groups from the Armenian side also did a lot of work, but compared to the Azerbaijani side, what our hackers achieved is nothing,” stated Information technology specialist Arthur Papyan. Read the full story on Hetq.


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