Forbes España lists Armenia among seven impressive destinations to visit

aug1-1 post

Forbes España has included Armenia in its list of seven impressive destinations that can be visited despite Covid-19, after a forced abstinence from travel in the past 15 months.The publication recommends visiting the country to enjoy the famous Armenian cognac, which it says gives off a flavor of nuts, spices, dark chocolate and vanilla, mentioning that the secret lies in its production, through local grape varieties with unique properties, thanks to the microclimate of the Ararat Valley, and an ancient method of double distillation and aging in oak barrels.”The cognac tasting experience is flavored with stories and legends such as the one that says that during the Yalta conference, USSR’s Joseph Stalin offered Winston Churchill a glass of Ararat, and that the British leader loved it,” the article says.Foreigners can travel to Armenia with a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before the trip


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