Victories of Unity

“What we have lost in the course of 1000 years, we will not be able to gain within months or even a few years. We will have to pay not only our bill but also the bill of our grandfathers.
The enemy is strong, ambitious and connected with foreign great powers, right-wing and left-wing. Our enemy is a state, and we are a diaspora. We need to oppose and mobilize state forces against it.
Our strength is in our unity.
We are strong when we are united.
Yeghisheh Charents has preached with a prophetic vision for this most fatal and sacred moment:

“Oh, Armenian people, your only salvation is in your collective power.”

With the article “VICTORIES OF UNITY” written in 1965, Simon Simonian demonstrates the positive results of the unity created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the April Genocide.

“Armenian religious authorities – Apostolic, Catholic and Evangelical, as well as Armenian political organizations – Henchagian, Tashnaktsagan and Ramgavar – honorably testified that they know how to bring their support to the great Armenian national struggle, and thus testified that the TASK- Commemoration and  Judgement- cannot be accomplished by individual efforts, but only collectively and its benefits, as well as the required sacrifice, are DISTRIBUTABLE among the entire Armenian community.
In the Armenian life, not only an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity was created but also mutual trust and faith towards each other. A moral and mental alliance that involves a unity of purpose and the sameness of target. Disagreements have not only subsided, but also show signs that they are almost disappearing.

As a result of unity, “Armenian political currents, cleansed in Aprilian Sacred Basin, proved that they are national organizations, ramparts and pillars created for the cause and survival of the Armenian people, and are not managed by foreigners. Our political organizations would accuse each other of being the servants of the East or the West. The moment of collective and decisive action erased those accusations on both sides.
Here are the true victories of our unity, which are continuous. We will wait for this unity not only in April or all months of the year, but also extended to many years, at least until the year 2000 and until the sacred hour of the realization of our Holy Judgment.”

Is the saying “history repeats itself” true?
Can the situation and relations of 1965 be repeated?

You can read here the full article in Armenian.


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