Armenia Sacra

Armenia Sacra, a 65-minute documentary film by the French-Armenian film director Narek Voskanian will be screened in Paris and other European cities shortly. The film is the director’s second feature-length documentary, following “Treasures of Armenia”.

The main theme of the film is medieval Armenian architecture: churches, monasteries, fortresses and their history, as well as the nature of Armenia. The history of monuments and churches is presented in detail by the French opera singer Mario Hacquard. Many of the churches, monasteries, and fortresses filmed in Artsakh are now located in the territories occupied by Azerbaijan, and in fact, the film presents exclusive and last time authenticated footage.

The film shot both from the sky and from the ground aims to familiarize Armenians and foreign audiences with the culture, nature, and history of Armenia. The renouned Armenologist Jean-Pierre Mahet gives an exclusive interview in the film.

Being an artist and photographer by profession, the author gave the film a sense of magic through excellence and creative shooting. The film is in French, and will be translated into Armenian soon.

Film director Narek Voskanian is author of several documentaries, feature videos and TV projects. Having received his secondary education in Warsaw, Narek studied photography at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Also engaged in painting, he has held individual exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Poland and France.

Nare Tadevosyan, the producer of the film, is a reporter and program manager of several TV programs, an independent producer. With Narek she has co-founded the Armenian-French Internet TV channel Arménie Info.

The producer of Armenia Sacra is ready to screen the film in different countries in cooperation with diaspora organizations and/or embassies, revealing Armenia, Artsakh, our history and culture to foreigners as well.

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