Azerbaijan Sold 500 Tons of Weapons To the Repressive Regime of Congo

This is the surprising story of Azerbaijan, a country that buys weapons from others for its own needs, selling tens of millions of dollars of weapons to a Central African country. The article, titled “Congo-Brazzaville Strongman Buys Secret Weapons Haul from Azerbaijan,” was published by OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) on February 22, […]

Armenia’s Leaders Ignored Investor’s Offer To Build Military Vehicles Before the War

Publisher, The California Courier Armenia’s current leaders blame previous leaders whenever something goes wrong in the country. After they lost the war, they blamed it on the previous presidents. They do not take any responsibility for their own shortcomings, even though they have been in power now for three years. While the previous rulers […]

Top Economist Exposes Erdogan’s Lies on Bankrupt Turkish Economy

Publisher, The California Courier Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is completely ignorant about economics, met with the Chief Executive Officers of 26 major American companies and told them many falsehoods about the Turkish economy. The reality is that the Turkish economy is bankrupt and millions of Turkish citizens are on the verge of starvation, […]

Azerbaijan and Turkey on Opposite Sides Of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Publisher, The California Courier It is commonly stated that politics is similar to prostitution. There is no morality, just interests. However, there is also something called hypocrisy. While it is true that individuals or nations can get away with any kind of unscrupulous behavior for a while, but eventually it catches up with them […]

Turkish Group Hacked Biden’s Website To Undermine His Presidential Election

Publisher, The California Courier While it was widely publicized that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, very little was reported about similar meddling by Turkey. The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) released on March 15, 2021 a declassified report which confirmed Turkish hackers’ cyber-attack in the 2020 election on Joe […]

Why Did the Superior Court Reject Governor’s denial of Sassounian’s Pardon

Last month, California Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan rejected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s refusal to accept the Parole Board’s decision to release Hampig Sassounian from jail. I was under the wrong impression that the Governor’s decision on pardons was final and not subject to a review or reversal by the courts. It turns out that […]

Pashinyan Made Yet Another Gaffe, Implying that Shushi Was an Azeri City

After ruling Armenia as Prime Minister for almost three years and most importantly during the country’s recent disastrous defeat in the Artsakh War, Nikol Pashinyan keeps making mistake after mistake and misstatement after misstatement. As I have written before, regrettably Pashinyan is not competent to lead Armenia. He is more of a protester and a […]